Confused about what curl pattern to buy???

Body Wave

When in doubt about what wave pattern to buy………you can never go wrong with body wave. The pictures below are what you can do with body wave bundles. It can go from the extremely curly to bone straight with the flick of the wrist. Body wave is a easy to maintain and is pretty much a wear and go.

 image1 (1)
Straight hair will hold a curl but it ultimately falls back straight because its trained to be that way. If you want hair that maintains curls…..this is not the pattern for you but if you love a bone straight look…this is what you want!!
image (3)
If you prefer a more wavier easy to maintain look, this is the pattern for you. Deep wave is a wash and go style. Some prefer the wet look and others prefer to fluff it out and make it big. The versatility is there with this pattern.
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Video Commercial


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Get to know the owner of Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique

About me:

1. What’s your name and what Type of Business Do You Have?
My name is Courtney Kennebrew and I own an online hair store called Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique,LLC. I offer my customers quality virgin unprocessed hair at a great price.

2. Why and when did you start this business?
I started my business unofficially in 2013 and officially in 2014. I saw how important hair was to a woman after years of doing hair and seeing a woman’s self esteem go down because she was loosing her hair. I wanted to help those women and any woman with or without that situation feel confident again. Therefore, I pursued my dream of owning a hair store that sells quality hair that will last up to 2 years with proper care. I felt like why sell hair if you can’t sell the best.
 A little about me:  I grew up in a small town with only a few stores. One of them was beauty supply store with hair that lacked luster. The hair was horrible, tangled, and was only good for one use. I said to myself, “One day I will open a hair store that supplies quality hair that lasts.” My freshmen year at college is when I learned how to do sew-ins and quick weaves, which turned into a profitable little business for me. As I got older, I ventured off into doing hair for friends and family, still dreaming about one day owning my hair store. After several weave types and brands, I finally came across quality hair and my dream came to fruition. I launched my business in 2013 and with the success from clients, Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique, LLC was no longer a dream, It became a reality.  My boutique offers quality virgin hair extensions that can be used with proper care for up to 2 years.  My clients can choose from 9 nationalities of hair which include: Indian, Malaysian, Russian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Cambodian, Mongolian,  European,  and Eurasian.  I also have 6 different curl patterns which include: straight, loose wave, deep wave, body wave,  natural wave, and spring curl.   The reason I opened  a hair boutique was after years of doing hair, I loved the way something as simple as having your hair done can change the way a woman feels about her self.  A woman suffering from Alopecia can get her confidence back or a woman dealing with cancer can look in the mirror and have something to smile about. I always say your hair is an accessory or extension of a woman. Why not make it beautiful!!
3.  What are your goals for your business?
My goals for my business would be to develop and grow it to a higher level every year. I also plan to open a store location for clients and customers close to me. 
Other Opportunities:  I do sell hair at wholesale and ​offer opportunities to sell Exquisite coiffures as an independent consultant. The link is:  I also have an affiliate program set up for bloggers or other website owners. If interested in any of these, please feel free to contact me by email:
Walking by faith, at the age of 31, Courtney decided to follow her dream and open her boutique. She is passionate about what she does and works hard to make her dream a success.  She said that someone told her once that if you do what you love, regardless of how many hours you put in it, you would never work another day in your life.
Check out Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique where their motto is: “If we wouldn’t wear it, we wouldn’t sell it!” Remember your hair is an accessory! So seal your look with beautiful, quality coifs from Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique!

Check us out!!! Remember your hair is an accessory, so seal your look with beautiful, quality coiffs from Exquisite Coiffures! Phone: 706-804-COIF
Twitter: @Ecoiffures
Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique, LLC | Facebook
We offer Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, Russian, Mongolian, Eurasian, Cambodian, and…

Exquisite Coiffures
Site for Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian, Russian, Mongolian, & European hair
Exquisite Coiffures
Site for Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian, Russian, Mongolian, & European hair
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How to choose which hair extension method that works for you!!!

How To Choose Which Hair Extension Method that works for You!!

Clip-in extensions are great for a quick fix. If you temporary want longer hair or a fuller look for an event, this would be a great option. Clip-in extensions are sewn to a comb that once you slide them in your hair, they can be snapped in place and easily removed by unsnapping them. Again this is a quick fix that is worn daily and removed at night.

Durability: Highly dependent on frequency of use.

Glue-In/Keratin Bond/Pre-bonded

keratin hairKeratin extensions are attached using a hot tool to melt the glue on to your hair, forming a bond. These however look great but requires maintenance and pricey to install.  With keratin bonds, you need to avoid putting conditioners, oils or heated appliances near the connection, as these things will weaken the bond and possibly lead to your extensions coming out much earlier than they should.

For maximum longevity with this system, remember to condition only the lengths. If you’re blow-drying, dry the lengths first, then tip your head forward to dry your real hair–don’t blast the bonds with heat!

Durability: 3 months, but if you look after them well by yourself you could get 4 or 5 months out of them.


sew-inSewn-in extensions are ideal for coarse, curly or thick hair that’s able to handle them. They’re applied by being sewn into a tightly-braided section of the client’s own, natural hair.

These extensions are relatively easy to keep up and would need to be tightened with a month of your install. If you have a good secure install, you can go longer before needing to re-tighten.

Durability: Depends on the quality of the hair and whether or not your own hair can handle the weight of the extensions.


tapeTape extensions have been the industry’s whipping boy of late, largely down to the fact that people bandy words like DAMAGING and MATTING around when they’re mentioned.

I’d like to clear up this misconception: tape extensions, if properly applied and cared for and made with good quality hair, are great.

They are connected by wide bonds that look like two bits of Sellotape. Your own hair is placed between them and they are clamped around the strands. The wide, rather than skinny bonds, ensure they don’t look stringy and strand-y after a few washes. They’re dreamy, luscious and if you’re kind to them they’ll last for ages.

Durability: Things can get tangled as your own hair starts to grow, but they’ll be good for up to five or even six months without a big maintenance job. They are pricey and will set you back a pretty penny but they look great.


microlinkA hugely popular system that is great for all types of hair. They’re pretty much damage-free as there’s no glue, no heat, and no tape. The links are single-strand micro-beads and are applied by clamping the little bead on the tip of the extension to your own hair. The connections are durable and comfortable. They can be a little snug at first but they will loosen up. You can style your hair as you please as well as wash and condition without then falling out.

These are probably the best option if you want to be able to dye your extensions, and use lots of products or heat-styling appliances. Below is the before and after of installing them.

Durability: 3 to 4 months.


Before you purchase your hair make sure the hair is quality virgin hair that can be reused. Its no point in paying that much to get them installed only to take them out because the hair is tangling or matting up. Quality hair will give you a lasting result.

In caring for your extensions, just use common-sense: these things are attached to your head via a type of bond, and the hair weighs on this bond. Don’t pull on them or snag them when washing or brushing, and avoiding weighing them down with too much conditioner or products. Always blow-dry them to avoid tangles, and take care when hitting the dye or bleach bottle; test an inconspicuous strand to see how it reacts.

Problems can arise: if you find your extensions feel extremely tight or uncomfortable and it’s been over a week since you got them, go and see your technician to figure out what adjustments they can make. Too-tight extensions can cause traction alopecia or sores on the scalp and neck, so if things don’t feel right it’s best to get them checked out quickly.

Extensions aren’t just for length: they can add volume and or a subtle enhancement to your own hair. Also, the systems can be tweaked for people with thinning hair or bald patches, and recently I watched a documentary on the very traumatic and problematic condition trichotillomania (disorder where sufferers pull their own hair out) and wonderful things were being done with sewn-in pieces to hide damage and allow for growth and repair.

Please just be mindful that even with extensions, you still have to care for your own hair and treat your extensions like your hair as well. If you buy quality hair and take care of it, it will last and can be used for later installs.

I hope this helps a bunch!!!

IamCoCo Coiffures signing off!!!!!!

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Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique-Hair Tips Conference Call


If you have questions about how to care for your virgin hair extensions or natural hair. This is a call you wouldn’t want to miss. Call in and get awesome hair tips.

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I’m not the company that just wants the sale, I want the hair I sell to speak for itself!

Good morning guys. A lot of people are under the impression that selling hair is a get rich niche that a lot of people use. That’s not true!!!! With a hair store or anything else you do, you have to put in work for it to pay off……nothing happens overnight. Some people expect to post their website and people are supposed to fly to it. That’s not true. Owning a business is kinda like pursuing a degree. You know the end result will pay off but you gotta cross the finish line first.

Its a lot of companies that claim to have good hair just to get the sale but can they back it up???? Before I opened my hair store, I shopped around and purchased some hair from this store online. I read all the reviews and was sold I was buying good hair. I should of known this wasn’t true considering the low cost for the hair, the look of it, and texture of it once I received it. I washed the hair and installed it. Within a week of my install, I wanted it off my head. The so called Brazilian hair matted up, tangled horribly, and turned out to be a bad investment. I went back to that site and said this company must have friends and family posting comments for them because this hair is horrible.

I’ve always had the mindset not to sell anything to anyone that I wouldn’t wear myself. Like I said its a lot of companies selling hair but I set myself apart from the rest and I want to give you great advice on purchasing your virgin hair. I’m not the company that just wants the sale, I want the hair I sell to speak for itself. When you purchase hair from Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique, I want you to know that you’re getting quality and not fluff. I want you to feel the difference in the hair and feel confident when you wear it. Here are a few tips to look for with virgin hair:

  • Texture is everything. Feel the hair and run your fingers through it. If you can’t physically touch it, ask a reliable source about the hair you are purchasing. Don’t rely heavily on comments to sell you.
  • look at the the hair(if its in front of you) or look at the pictures of the hair. Look at the wefting and the ends of the hair to see if its secure. Good wefts are double drawn and strong. Good ends are free of breakage and split ends.
  • look on social media for people that have purchased the hair and ask them about their purchase privately. You can find out more information from consumers, not people paid to tell you the hair is the all mighty.
  • Find out if the company has a blog. The truest comments and feelings about the hair will post there.
  • Be careful with big names. Most companies that have celebrities pushing for them are just that.
  • lastly, make a feel good decision. If it feels right whether online or in person, go for it. You never know, sometimes you can discover a diamond in the ruff.
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What qualities do you look for when purchasing hair?

I have read several documents online giving consumers information on what to look for when purchasing good hair. So from your perspective, what are the key things you look for when purchasing hair?

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5 reasons why I chose to sell hair

When I dreamed of opening a hair store, I knew I had to have extensions that I could stand behind. I would often visit the local hair stores and when I asked if the hair I was buying was good quality, I would get….of course its great. Once I got home and installed it, excited that I have great hair, it turned out to be garbage. That mess would tangle, matte up, shed terribly,  and I ended up taking down my install 2 weeks to a month later because the hair lacked quality. I knew I wouldn’t sell anything that I haven’t worn myself, so I set out on a mission to find the best hair at a great price. so here are my reasons I chose to sell Exquisite Coiffures Hair:

1. Exquisite Coiffures Hair is quality that I can stand behind. The hair speaks for itself.

2. Minimal shedding

3. Minimal tangles if any

4. Hair recovers after washing

5. Hair is reusable and with proper care it will last up to 2 years.

Many of my clients give me feedback on Exquisite Coiffures and all the comments match my 5 reasons. Please check out Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique, LLC for your extension needs!!!

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How long should you date before the RING?

I get asked a lot of relationship-themed questions given where I work, and one of them is from women with boyfriends who want to know how long to wait for the ring.  These aren’t women who have been dating for two months, but rather women who are in long-term relationships. They have seemingly great mates who have jobs and call their moms and open doors to restaurants- but haven’t yet popped the question.   The relationship is traveling into their third (or sixth) year and nothing is wrong per se, except these girls would like to take the relationship to the next level and their men have yet to agree.   Are these guys patient or just stringing them along?  How long should they wait? (quoted editor off E Harmony)

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Agree or disagree

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Agree or disagree???

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