5 reasons why I chose to sell hair

When I dreamed of opening a hair store, I knew I had to have extensions that I could stand behind. I would often visit the local hair stores and when I asked if the hair I was buying was good quality, I would get….of course its great. Once I got home and installed it, excited that I have great hair, it turned out to be garbage. That mess would tangle, matte up, shed terribly, ¬†and I ended up taking down my install 2 weeks to a month later because the hair lacked quality. I knew I wouldn’t sell anything that I haven’t worn myself, so I set out on a mission to find the best hair at a great price. so here are my reasons I chose to sell Exquisite Coiffures Hair:

1. Exquisite Coiffures Hair is quality that I can stand behind. The hair speaks for itself.

2. Minimal shedding

3. Minimal tangles if any

4. Hair recovers after washing

5. Hair is reusable and with proper care it will last up to 2 years.

Many of my clients give me feedback on Exquisite Coiffures and all the comments match my 5 reasons. Please check out Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique, LLC for your extension needs!!!

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