Customer Testimonials

“I ordered my hair(Brazilian body wave) May 2014. The hair arrived 3 days later. I’ve had 4 installs with is and its still like new. The softness is incredible and once I wash it the hair comes right back to life. No tangles, minimal shedding, and the nice thick bundles made me fall in love with this hair. Not to mention the price was great! The bundles were exactly as described which is a major plus for me. I will definitely be ordering from Exquisite Coiffures again. Thanks for everything!!!”   Bree W.

“I purchased 3 bundles of Brazilian body wave hair from Exquisite Coiffures and received them in 3 days. My hair was slayed the next day just in time for my hubby birthday bash. The hair pricing was so unbeatable that I later purchased some Peruvian Deep wave hair which is admired by everyone. I can wash this hair as I do my natural hair. If you want quality hair in a timely manner, you better get your life by ordering you some, like now!!! #itcosttolookthisgood #teambrazilian #teamperuvian”   Tawana C.


“This was my first sew in EVER. I didn’t know what to expect but ended up loving my hair. There was little to no shedding and the hair blended so well with my natural hair. For all my hair needs, I will definitely be going to Exquisite Coiffures!”   Amber D.


“I absolutely love the Malaysian hair I purchased from Exquisite Coiffures. I’ve had my hair almost a year and it still looks like new and it feels great. I’m a satisfied customer and I’ll be ordering from the again soon…..Keep up the good work!!!!”   Sharra L.

“I recently purchased some Brazilian Body wave hair from Exquis its Coiffures 18, 20, and 22 inch. I ordered the hair on Saturday and got it back on Wednesday. My hair was also dyed which turned out great. Shedding was minimal and the hair was tangle free. I’ll definitely be ordering from Exquisite Couffures again.”  Kawuna L.