I’m not the company that just wants the sale, I want the hair I sell to speak for itself!

Good morning guys. A lot of people are under the impression that selling hair is a get rich niche that a lot of people use. That’s not true!!!! With a hair store or anything else you do, you have to put in work for it to pay off……nothing happens overnight. Some people expect to post their website and people are supposed to fly to it. That’s not true. Owning a business is kinda like pursuing a degree. You know the end result will pay off but you gotta cross the finish line first.

Its a lot of companies that claim to have good hair just to get the sale but can they back it up???? Before I opened my hair store, I shopped around and purchased some hair from this store online. I read all the reviews and was sold I was buying good hair. I should of known this wasn’t true considering the low cost for the hair, the look of it, and texture of it once I received it. I washed the hair and installed it. Within a week of my install, I wanted it off my head. The so called Brazilian hair matted up, tangled horribly, and turned out to be a bad investment. I went back to that site and said this company must have friends and family posting comments for them because this hair is horrible.

I’ve always had the mindset not to sell anything to anyone that I wouldn’t wear myself. Like I said its a lot of companies selling hair but I set myself apart from the rest and I want to give you great advice on purchasing your virgin hair. I’m not the company that just wants the sale, I want the hair I sell to speak for itself. When you purchase hair from Exquisite Coiffures Hair Boutique, I want you to know that you’re getting quality and not fluff. I want you to feel the difference in the hair and feel confident when you wear it. Here are a few tips to look for with virgin hair:

  • Texture is everything. Feel the hair and run your fingers through it. If you can’t physically touch it, ask a reliable source about the hair you are purchasing. Don’t rely heavily on comments to sell you.
  • look at the the hair(if its in front of you) or look at the pictures of the hair. Look at the wefting and the ends of the hair to see if its secure. Good wefts are double drawn and strong. Good ends are free of breakage and split ends.
  • look on social media for people that have purchased the hair and ask them about their purchase privately. You can find out more information from consumers, not people paid to tell you the hair is the all mighty.
  • Find out if the company has a blog. The truest comments and feelings about the hair will post there.
  • Be careful with big names. Most companies that have celebrities pushing for them are just that.
  • lastly, make a feel good decision. If it feels right whether online or in person, go for it. You never know, sometimes you can discover a diamond in the ruff.
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